An iNteractive projection wall that exposes the visitor to the dynamics of a social credit system.

As technology advances, countries worldwide are enhancing surveillance of their citizens. The Chinese government is going a step further by assigning credit scores to citizens based on the behaviors recorded.


This project aims to make the workings of social credit tangible in countries where such issues might still seem far away but could turn into reality sooner than expected. What are the implications of citizens being increasingly defined by a number?


The center of the installation is a large wood frame holding a semitransparent screen. As the visitor stands in front of the screen, their motion and voice  are tracked (e.g. using Xbox Kinect), the recording is processed live in a computer and then projected on the screen as a silhouette.

The story

The visitor’s experience is divided into two parts: During the first act the projection surface works almost like a mirror (the user fully controls the motion of their silhouette) within a fictional city environment. Then, for the second act, a social credit system is introduced to the scene and the visitor’s silhouette is suddenly at the mercy of surrounding influences.